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International conference papers [37]H. Si-Mohammed, G. Casiez, F. Argelaguet-Sanz, N. Roussel & A. Lécuyer. Defining Brain-Computer Interfaces: a Human-Computer Interaction perspective. In Proceedings of the Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference, September 2019. [...] [HAL]GBCIC [36]M. Nancel, S. Aranovskiy, R. Ushirobira, D. Efimov, S. Poulmane, N. Roussel & G. Casiez. Next-point prediction for direct touch using finite-time derivative estimation. In Proceedings of UIST'18, p. 793-807, October 2018. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]UIST [35]A. Gupta, T. Pietrzak, C. Yau, N. Roussel & R. Balakrishnan. Summon and select: rapid interaction with interface controls in mid-air. In Proceedings of ISS '17, p. 52-61, October 2017. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]ISS [34]H. Si-Mohammed, F. Argelaguet-Sanz, G. Casiez, N. Roussel & A. Lécuyer. Brain-computer interfaces and Augmented Reality: a state of the art. In Proceedings of the Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference, September 2017. [...] [HAL]GBCIC [33]G. Casiez, T. Pietrzak, D. Marchal, S. Poulmane, M. Falce & N. Roussel. Characterizing latency in touch and button-equipped interactive systems. In Proceedings of UIST'17, p. 29-39, October 2017. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]UIST [32]A. Evain, F. Argelaguet-Sanz, N. Roussel, G. Casiez & A. Lécuyer. Can I think of something else when using a BCI? Cognitive demand of an SSVEP-based BCI. In Proceedings of CHI'17, p. 5120-5125, May 2017. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...]CHI [31]A. Evain, F. Argelaguet-Sanz, A. Strock, N. Roussel, G. Casiez & A. Lécuyer. Influence of error rate on frustration of BCI users. In Proceedings of AVI'16, p. 248-251, June 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...]AVI [30]R. Ushirobira, D. Efimov, G. Casiez, N. Roussel & W. Perruquetti. A forecasting algorithm for latency compensation in indirect Human-Computer interactions. In Proceedings of ECC'16, p. 1081-1086, June 2016. IEEE. [IEEE] [HAL] [...]ECC [29]A. Gupta, T. Pietrzak, N. Roussel & R. Balakrishnan. Direct manipulation in tactile displays. In Proceedings of CHI'16, p. 3683-3693, May 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube] Honorable mention (top 5% of all submissions)CHI ★ [28]G. Casiez, S. Conversy, M. Falce, S. Huot & N. Roussel. Looking through the eye of the mouse: a simple method for measuring end-to-end latency using an optical mouse. In Proceedings of UIST'15, p. 629-636, November 2015. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]UIST [27]S. Malacria, J. Aceituno, P. Quinn, G. Casiez, A. Cockburn & N. Roussel. Push-edge and slide-edge: scrolling by pushing against the viewport edge. In Proceedings of CHI'15, p. 2773-2776, April 2015. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]CHI [26]J. Gilliot, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Impact of form factors and input conditions on absolute indirect-touch pointing tasks. In Proceedings of CHI'14, p. 723-732, April 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]CHI [25]D. Marchal, C. Moerman, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Designing intuitive multi-touch 3D navigation techniques. In Proceedings of INTERACT'13, p. 19-36, September 2013. Springer. [Springer] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]Interact [24]Y. Rekik, L. Grisoni & N. Roussel. Towards many gestures to one command: a user study for tabletops. In Proceedings of INTERACT'13, p. 246-263, September 2013. Springer. [Springer] [HAL] [...]Interact [23]J. Aceituno, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. How low can you go? Human limits in small unidirectional mouse movements. In Proceedings of CHI'13, p. 1383-1386, April 2013. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]CHI [22]N. Roussel, G. Casiez, J. Aceituno & D. Vogel. Giving a hand to the eyes: leveraging input accuracy for subpixel interaction. In Proceedings of UIST'12, p. 351-358, October 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]UIST [21]P. Quinn, A. Cockburn, G. Casiez, N. Roussel & C. Gutwin. Exposing and understanding scrolling transfer functions. In Proceedings of UIST'12, p. 341-350, October 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...]UIST [20]G. Casiez, N. Roussel & D. Vogel. 1€ filter: a simple speed-based low-pass filter for noisy input in interactive systems. In Proceedings of CHI'12, p. 2527-2530, May 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]CHI [19]G. Casiez & N. Roussel. No more bricolage! Methods and tools to characterize, replicate and compare pointing transfer functions. In Proceedings of UIST'11, p. 603-614, October 2011. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]UIST [18]G. Casiez, N. Roussel, R. Vanbelleghem & F. Giraud. Surfpad: riding towards targets on a squeeze film effect. In Proceedings of CHI'11, p. 2491-2500, May 2011. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] Honorable mention (top 5% of all submissions)CHI ★ [17]O. Chapuis & N. Roussel. UIMarks: quick graphical interaction with specific targets. In Proceedings of UIST'10, p. 173-182, October 2010. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]UIST [16]J. S. D. O. Neto, N. Roussel & L. V. L. Filgueiras. User's issues in crossmedia applications. In Proceedings of SIGDOC'09, p. 119-126, Octobre 2009. ACM. [ACM] [...]SIGDOC [15]S. Gueddana & N. Roussel. Effect of peripheral communication pace on attention allocation in a dual-task situation. In Proceedings of INTERACT'09, volume 5727 of LNCS, p. 111-124, August 2009. Springer. [Springer] [...]Interact [14]G. Faure, O. Chapuis & N. Roussel. Power tools for copying and moving: useful stuff for your desktop. In Proceedings of CHI'09, p. 1675-1678, April 2009. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]CHI [13]N. Roussel & S. Gueddana. Beyond "Beyond being there": towards multiscale communication systems. In Proceedings of Multimedia'07, p. 238-246, September 2007. ACM. [ACM] [...]Multimedia [12]O. Chapuis & N. Roussel. Copy-and-paste between overlapping windows. In Proceedings of CHI'07, p. 201–210, April 2007. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]CHI [11]A. Tabard, W. Mackay, N. Roussel & C. Letondal. PageLinker: integrating contextual bookmarks into a browser. In Proceedings of CHI'07, p. 337-346, April 2007. ACM. [ACM] [...] [YouTube]CHI [10]S. Gueddana & N. Roussel. Pêle-Mêle, a video communication system supporting a variable degree of engagement. In Proceedings of CSCW'06, p. 423-426, November 2006. ACM. [ACM] [...] [YouTube]CSCW [9]W. Stuerzlinger, O. Chapuis, D. Phillips & N. Roussel. User interface façades: towards fully adaptable user interfaces. In Proceedings of UIST'06, p. 309-318, October 2006. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]UIST [8]O. Chapuis & N. Roussel. Metisse is not a 3D desktop! In Proceedings of UIST'05, p. 13-22, October 2005. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]UIST [7]N. Roussel, H. Evans & H. Hansen. MirrorSpace: using proximity as an interface to video-mediated communication. In Proceedings of Pervasive'04, volume 3001 of LNCS, p. 345-350, April 2004. Springer. [Springer] [...]Pervasive [6]N. Roussel. Ametista: a mini-toolkit for exploring new window management techniques. In Proceedings of CLIHC'03, p. 117-124, August 2003. ACM. [ACM] [...]CLIHC [5]H. Hutchinson, W. Mackay, B. Westerlund, B. Bederson, A. Druin, C. Plaisant, M. Beaudouin-Lafon, S. Conversy, H. Evans, H. Hansen, N. Roussel, B. Eiderbäck, S. Lindquist & Y. Sundblad. Technology probes: inspiring design for and with families. In Proceedings of CHI'03, p. 17-24, April 2003. ACM. [ACM] [...]CHI [4]N. Roussel. Experiences in the design of the well, a group communication device for teleconviviality. In Proceedings of Multimedia'02, p. 146-152, December 2002. ACM. [ACM] [...]Multimedia [3]N. Roussel, O. Hitz & R. Ingold. Web-based cooperative document understanding. In Proceedings of ICDAR'01, p. 368-373, September 2001. [IEEE] [...]ICDAR [2]N. Roussel. Exploring new uses of video with VideoSpace. In Proceedings of EHCI'01, volume 2254 of LNCS, p. 73-90, May 2001. Springer. [Springer] [...]EHCI [1]N. Roussel. Beyond webcams and videoconferencing: informal video communication on the Web. In Proceedings of the BCS HCI Conference on The Active Web, p. 65-69, January 1999. [...] [...] Journal papers [9]I. Montagni, N. Roussel, R. Thiébaut & C. Tzourio. The French Covid-19 contact tracing app: knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices of students in the health domain. Journal of Medical Internet Research, January 2021. [JMIR] [HAL]JMIR [8]A. Chalbi, J. Ritchie, D. Park, J. Choi, N. Roussel, N. Elmqvist & F. Chevalier. Common fate for animated transitions in visualization. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 26(1):386-396, January 2020. [IEEE] [HAL] [vimeo]TVCG [7]H. Si-Mohammed, J. Petit, C. Jeunet, F. Argelaguet-Sanz, F. Spindler, A. Evain, N. Roussel, G. Casiez & A. Lécuyer. Towards BCI-based interfaces for augmented reality: feasibility, design and evaluation. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, October 2018. [IEEE] [HAL] [YouTube]TVCG [6]A. Goguey, D. Vogel, F. Chevalier, T. Pietrzak, N. Roussel & G. Casiez. Leveraging finger identification to integrate multi-touch command selection and parameter manipulation. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 99:21-36, March 2017. [Elsevier] [HAL]IJHCS [5]J. Aceituno, S. Malacria, P. Quinn, N. Roussel, A. Cockburn & G. Casiez. The design, use, and performance of edge-scrolling techniques. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 97:58-76, January 2017. [Elsevier] [HAL]IJHCS [4]A. Evain, F. Argelaguet-Sanz, G. Casiez, N. Roussel & A. Lécuyer. Design and evaluation of fusion approach for combining brain and gaze inputs for target selection. Frontiers in Neuroscience (Neuroprosthetics section), 10:454, October 2016. 22 pages. [Frontiers] [HAL]Frontiers in Neuroscience [3]A. Evain, F. Argelaguet-Sanz, G. Casiez, N. Roussel & A. Lécuyer. Do the stimuli of an SSVEP-based BCI really have to be the same as the stimuli used for training it? Brain-Computer Interfaces, 3(2):103-111, June 2016. [Taylor & Francis] [HAL] [...]BCI [2]N. Roussel, H. Evans & H. Hansen. Proximity as an interface for video communication. IEEE Multimedia, 11(3):12-16, July-September 2004. [IEEE] [...] [YouTube]IEEE Multimedia [1]N. Roussel. Mediascape: a Web-based mediaspace. IEEE Multimedia, 6(2):64-74, April-June 1999. [IEEE] [...]IEEE Multimedia French-speaking conference papers [19]L. Potier, T. Pietrzak, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Designing tactile patterns using programmable friction. In Proceedings of IHM'16, p. 1-7, October 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL]IHM [18]T. Pietrzak, N. Roussel, A. Gupta & R. Balakrishnan. Manipulation dialogique pour affichages tactiles. In Proceedings of IHM'15, October 2015. ACM. 10 pages. [ACM] [HAL] [...]IHM [17]A. Goguey, G. Casiez, T. Pietrzak, D. Vogel & N. Roussel. Adoiraccourcix : sélection de commandes sur écrans tactiles multi-points par identification des doigts. In Proceedings of IHM'14, p. 28-37, October 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] Best paper awardIHM ★ [16]J. Aceituno & N. Roussel. The hotkey palette: flexible contextual retrieval of chosen documents and windows. In Proceedings of IHM'14, p. 55-59, October 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]IHM [15]N. Henry Riche, Y. Riche, N. Roussel, S. Carpendale, T. Madhyastha & T. J. Grabowski. LinkWave : une liste d'adjacence visuelle interactive pour explorer les réseaux pondérés dynamiques. In Proceedings of IHM'14, p. 113-122, October 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...]IHM [14]J. Gilliot, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Direct and indirect multi-touch interaction on a wall display. In Proceedings of IHM'14, p. 147-152, October 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube]IHM [13]L. Potier, T. Pietrzak, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Méthodologie de conception de textures pour les interfaces tactiles à frottement programmable. In Proceedings of ErgoIHM'12, p. 132-139, October 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL]IHM [12]J. Gilliot, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Technique multi-points indirecte relative pour l'interaction avec des écrans de grandes dimensions. In Proceedings of ErgoIHM'12, p. 63-66, October 2012. ACM. [...] [HAL] [YouTube]IHM [11]Y. Rekik, N. Roussel & L. Grisoni. Mouvements pseudo-rigides pour des interactions multi-doigts plus flexibles. In Proceedings of ErgoIHM'12, p. 241-244, October 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...]IHM [10]G. Casiez, N. Roussel, R. Vanbelleghem & F. Giraud. Efficacité et robustesse aux distracteurs d'un retour tactile pour faciliter le pointage. In Proceedings of IHM'10, p. 25-32, September 2010. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] Best paper awardIHM ★ [9]S. Gueddana & N. Roussel. Pêle-mêle, une étude de la communication multi-échelles. In Proceedings of IHM'09, p. 273-282, Octobre 2009. ACM. [ACM] [...]IHM [8]N. Roussel & O. Chapuis. Metisse : un système de fenêtrage hautement configurable et utilisable au quotidien. In Proceedings of IHM'05, p. 279-282, Septembre 2005. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...]IHM [7]N. Roussel, J-D. Fekete & M. Langet. Vers l'utilisation de la mémoire épisodique pour la gestion de données familières. In Proceedings of IHM'05, p. 247-250, Septembre 2005. ACM. [ACM] [...]IHM [6]S. Conversy, N. Roussel, H. Hansen, H. Evans, M. Beaudouin-Lafon & W. Mackay. Partager les images de la vie quotidienne et familiale avec VideoProbe. In Proceedings of IHM'03, p. 228-231, Novembre 2003. ACM. [ACM] [...] [YouTube]IHM [5]N. Roussel, H. Evans & H. Hansen. Utilisation de la distance comme interface à un système de communication vidéo. In Proceedings of IHM'03, p. 268-271, Novembre 2003. ACM. [ACM] [...]IHM [4]N. Roussel. VideoWorkspace : une boîte à outils pour l'exploration de nouvelles techniques de gestion de fenêtres. In Proceedings of IHM'02, p. 271-274, Novembre 2002. ACM. [ACM] [...] [YouTube]IHM [3]N. Roussel. Le puits : un dispositif de communication audio-vidé pour la téléconvivialité. In Proceedings of IHM'02, p. 227-230, Novembre 2002. ACM. [ACM] [...]IHM [2]N. Roussel & G. Nouvel. La main comme télépointeur. In Tome 2 des actes d'IHM'99, p. 33-36, Novembre 1999. [...] [YouTube]IHM [1]N. Roussel. Au-delà du mediaspace : un modèle pour la collaboration médiatisée. In Actes d'IHM'97, p. 159-166, Septembre 1997. Cépaduès. [...]IHM Book chapters [4]A. Evain, N. Roussel, G. Casiez, F. Argelaguet-Sanz & A. Lécuyer. Brain–computer interfaces for Human–Computer interaction. In M. Clerc, L. Bougrain & F. Lotte, editors, Brain-computer interfaces: foundations and methods, chapter 12, p. 251-270, Wiley, July 2016. Version anglaise du livre publié par ISTE. [Wiley] [3]A. Evain, N. Roussel, G. Casiez, F. Argelaguet-Sanz & A. Lécuyer. Interfaces cerveau-ordinateur pour l'interaction Homme-Machine. In M. Clerc, L. Bougrain & F. Lotte, editors, Les interfaces cerveau-ordinateur : fondements et méthodes, chapter 12, p. 259-276, ISTE, Juillet 2016. [ISTE] [2]N. Roussel. From analog to digital, from the office to the living room: why I happily worked in a media space but don't live in one. In S. Harrison, editor, Media Space: 20+ Years of Mediated Life, p. 261-268, Springer, April 2009. [Springer] [...] [1]N. Roussel. Web-based mediaspace. In B. Furht, editor, Handbook of Internet Computing, chapter 9, p. 205-226, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, June 2000. [CRC Press] [...] [YouTube] Patents [3]S. Aranovskiy, G. Casiez, D. Efimov, N. Roussel & R. Ushirobira. Dispositif à affichage prédictif. Patent application, Inria & Université Lille 1, September 2016. [HAL] [2]S. Conversy, G. Casiez, M. Falce, S. Huot & N. Roussel. Arrangement to measure and use latency between an input interface and an output interface of a processing device. Patent application number EP15306665.9, ENAC, Inria & Université Lille 1, October 2015. [HAL] [1]M. Beaudouin-Lafon, N. Roussel, J. Martin, J-D. Gascuel, G. Buchner & H. Lissek. Terminal et système de communication. Brevet d'invention FR2811501, France Télécom, Janvier 2002. [Espacenet] [...] Tutorials, panels, workshops, demos, doctoral consortium, posters [17]A. Goguey, G. Casiez, T. Pietrzak, D. Vogel & N. Roussel. Sélection de commandes sur tables interactives multi-points par identification des doigts. In Adjunct proceedings of IHM'14 (demonstrations), p. 12-13, October 2014. ACM. [HAL] [...]IHM [16]A. Goguey, G. Casiez, D. Vogel, F. Chevalier, T. Pietrzak & N. Roussel. A three-step interaction pattern for improving discoverability in finger identification techniques. In Adjunct proceedings of UIST'14 (demonstrations), p. 33-34, October 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...]UIST [15]T. Miyaki, A. Truong, T. Pietrzak, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. On-body touch interaction using printed epidermal electrodes. Position paper, CHI 2014 Workshop on Assistive Augmentation, April 2014. 2 pages. [...] [HAL]CHI [14]F. Giraud, M. Amberg, B. Lemaire-Semail, G. Casiez, P. Olivo & N. Roussel. Transparent tactile devices based on the squeeze film air bearing. Hands-on demonstration, Haptics Symposium, March 2012. Nominated for the best poster/demo awardHAPTICS ★ [13]M. Amberg, F. Giraud, B. Lemaire-Semail, P. Olivo, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. STIMTAC, a tactile input device with programmable friction. In Adjunct proceedings of UIST'11 (demonstrations), p. 7-8, October 2011. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [...] [YouTube] Best demo award, second placeUIST ★ [12]P. Olivo, D. Marchal & N. Roussel. Software requirements for a (more) manageable multi-touch ecosystem. Paper presented at the EICS'11 workshop on Engineering Patterns for Multi-Touch Interfaces, June 2011. 4 pages. [...]EICS [11]S. Gueddana & N. Roussel. Designing new communication systems for the home. Position paper, InteractiveSpaces workshop on Imagining Domestic Interiors, Århus (Denmark), January 2008. 3 pages. [...] [...] [10]G. Besacier, F. Vernier, O. Chapuis & N. Roussel. Redirection d'applications existantes et nouvelles interactions pour des usages collaboratifs co-localisés sur une table interactive. In Proceedings of IHM'07, p. 271-274, Novembre 2007. ACM. Démonstration et article court. [ACM] [HAL] [...]IHM [9]N. Roussel. From analog to digital, from the office to the living room: why I happily worked in a media space but don't live in one. Position paper, ACM CSCW 2006 Workshop "Media Space - Reflecting on 20 Years", November 2006. 4 pages. [...]CSCW [8]N. Roussel, A. Tabard & C. Letondal. All you need is log. Position paper, WWW 2006 Workshop on Logging Traces of Web Activity: The Mechanics of Data Collection, May 2006. 4 pages. [...]WWW [7]R. Jain, M. Reiser, N. Roussel, M. Sakauchi & H. Towles. The next five years in telepresence. Panel session (replacing Austin Henderson), ACM Multimedia 2002 Workshop on Immersive Telepresence, Juan les Pins, France, December 2002. [...]Multimedia [6]N. Roussel. Usages de la vidéo pour la communication médiatisée. Cours donné à l'occasion de la conférence IHM 2002, Novembre 2002. IHM [5]N. Roussel. Prototypage de nouveaux usages de la vidéo avec VideoSpace. In ASTI'2001 : premières rencontres des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information, Cité des Sciences, Paris, p. 29, Avril 2001. Résumé, démonstration et exposé. [4]N. Roussel. Support informatique à une communication médiatisée. In Rencontres doctorales, Tome 2 des actes d'IHM'99, p. 164-167, Novembre 1999. [...]IHM [3]N. Roussel. VideoSpace. Poster présenté au "Forum des équipes" d'IHM'99, Novembre 1999. IHM [2]N. Roussel. Integrated video communication with VideoSpace. In Conference supplement of the 6th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW'99), Copenhagen, Denmark, p. 17-18, September 1999. Demonstration and extended abstract. [...]ECSCW [1]S. Conversy, P. Janecek & N. Roussel. Factorisons la gestion des événements des applications interactives ! In Actes d'IHM'98, p. 141-144, Septembre 1998. [...]IHM Thesis [3]N. Roussel. Nouvelles formes de communication et nouvelles interactions homme-machine pour enrichir et simplifier le quotidien. Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, Décembre 2007. 171 pages. [...] [HAL] [2]N. Roussel. Support informatique à une communication médiatisée. Thèse de Doctorat, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, Juillet 2000. 190 pages. [...] [HAL] [1]N. Roussel. Etre présent, communiquer et collaborer grâce à un mediaspace. Mémoire de DEA, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, Septembre 1995. 47 pages. [...] Conference proceedings [3]J. Aceituno, R. Blanch, S. Huot, M. Hachet & N. Roussel, editors. Proceedings of IHM'13. ACM, November 2013. [ACM] [HAL]IHM [2]N. Roussel & C. Roncancio, editors. Proceedings of UbiMob'09. ACM, July 2009. [ACM] [...]UbiMob [1]N. Roussel, editor. Proceedings of IHM'07. ACM, November 2007. [ACM] [...]IHM Selected unpublished reports [5]F. Minichiello, N. Roussel & P. Ajuelos. Plateforme des données de l’éducation : rapport de préfiguration. Rapport Inria - Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, Novembre 2023. [HAL] [4]N. Roussel, H. Evans & H. Hansen. More about MirrorSpace. Rapport de Recherche 1438, LRI, Université Paris-Sud, France, Mars 2006. 8 pages. [...] [3]S. Conversy, W. Mackay, M. Beaudouin-Lafon & N. Roussel. VideoProbe: sharing pictures of everyday life. Rapport de Recherche 1409, LRI, Université Paris-Sud, France, April 2005. 8 pages. [...] [2]Y. Sundblad, M. Beaudouin-Lafon, S. Conversy, L. Dachary, B. Eiderbäck, N. Gaudron, H. Evans, H. Hansen, H. Hutchinson, S. Lindquist, W. Mackay, C. Plaisant, N. Roussel & B. Westerlund. interLiving deliverable 1.3 & 2.3, Studies of co-designed prototypes in family contexts. Technical report 231, CID/NADA, KTH, Suède, February 2004. 157 pages. [...] [1]M. Beaudouin-Lafon, B. Bederson, S. Conversy, A. Druin, B. Eiderbäck, H. Evans, H. Hansen, Å. Harvard, H. Hutchinson, S. Lindquist, W. Mackay, C. Plaisant, N. Roussel, Y. Sundblad & B. Westerlund. interLiving deliverable 1.2 & 2.2, Co-design and new technologies with family users. Technical report 174, CID/NADA, KTH, Suède, September 2002. 124 pages. [...]

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